#NotBadNews: The Queen Gives You a Birthday Present

In todays #NotBadNews, we look at the Dutch invention allowing for nursing home visits, the pet who still hasnt wrapped their head around work from home, and our favorite drink presented by an actor-turned-bartender.

Here Are a Few Drinks to Turn Your Lockdown Into a Vacation

Just because your trip was canceled doesn’t mean your alcohol consumption should suffer.

Shortly after California stated it would be locking down, I found myself at the liquor store, shoulder-to-shoulder with nearly everyone else in Los Angeles. We all had the same idea: If we’re going to be stuck inside for indefinitely, we might as well be inside with a bottle of our favorite spirit. The line at the store made it abundantly clear that we would all have alcohol, but it would be a matter of figuring out just what to do with it. This lockdown is not a vacation, but every night at five, I say we treat it like one. Do more than a splash of rum topped off with whatever flat soda you’ve got lying around, and take this moment to transport yourself to the vacation you wish you could currently be on. Make the beverage that makes your night on the couch feel like a day lounging oceanside in Maui. So, if you’re wanting a getaway, look no further than your liquor shelf and our collection of drink recipes that make every night feel like one on vacation.

Where Are the Oldest Hotels in the World?

These hotels have aged like fine wine.

It’s no surprise that hospitality is one of the oldest businesses in the world: As long as people have been traveling, they’ve needed somewhere to stay. Some of the most impressive hotels on this list have been in continuous operation for hundreds of years; others spent their former lives as hospitals, castles, and convents. What we’ve come to expect from a hotel stay has changed over the centuries, and most of these lodgings have been successfully revamped for maximum comfort and modern expectations. Still, throughout these hotels—in the thoughtful details, the original art and architecture, and the legends passed on to generations of owners—are reminders, everywhere, of their grand pasts, and all the guests that came before.

Airfare Is Dirt Cheap Right NowBut Is It a Good Idea to Buy Plane Tickets?

There are some things airlines haven’t told you that you should consider before caving in to the temptation of ultra-cheap airfare that’s emerged during the coronavirus pandemic.

As airfares plummet amid the spread of COVID-19, many of us are wondering whether it’s safe or worth it to cash in on bargain airfares. Recently, you could book a ticket from Los Angeles to London and travel in August for as little as $329 roundtrip. Tempting deals can be found from multiple airlines that offer travel up until the end of this year and early next year as they struggle with a plunge in demand. But before keen explorers take advantage of these mega sales, there are a few things to consider during this rapidly evolving pandemic.

10 Destinations Where You Can Spot Bigfoot and His Cryptid Friends

Monster hunters, prepare for adventure! Here are more than a few creatures that aren't on most radars, sighted in 10 amazing places.

Cryptozoology is the search for and study of cryptids, or legendary beasts whose existence hasn’t been conclusively proven. It requires an eager suspension of disbelief, and delight in the mad science of tested hair gathered from Bigfoot sightings or routine ultrasound scans of the silt-clotted depths of Loch Ness. It also involves finding proud company in the ranks of otherwise normal people with unflappable convictions about pretty improbable things. Interestingly, those ranks are pretty thick. That’s because people love to believe…and because there are scores more cryptids than most people realize—from shapeshifting otters and raptorial koalas to colossal flying bats and hairy hominids—all hidden away in remote lairs all over the world. So for amateur monster hunters in search of big adventure, here’s a bevy of cryptids you’ve probably never heard of in 10 of the earth’s most wild and gorgeous locations.

9 International Sports Too Weird for ESPN

These traditional sports festivals around the world are pretty unusual—if not downright strange—and although they are not to be missed, you’re definitely safer as a spectator.

People everywhere love to compete—to win bragging rights for being the best, greatest, or strongest in a particular sport. However according to gold medal-winning American gymnast Mary Lou Retton, “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” And that’s exactly what you’ll appreciate after watching any of the sporting competitions listed in this guide: extraordinary memories of out-of-the-ordinary sports. These different events take place all around the world—some transform “normal” sporting activities like wrestling, carrying weights, or throwing objects over distances. Other events are more bizarre and will make you assess the very definition of the word “sport.” Regardless, all of them share one quality: They are a lot of fun to watch.

Visit These World-Class Art Museums in Your Pajamas

This is how art museums around the world are responding to coronavirus.

One by one, in response to concerns about the spreading coronavirus, art museums’ doors shuttered, cutting off our access to inspiring galleries of paintings, exhibits about science and discovery, and deep dives into the world’s cultures. What’s an art museum junkie to do now? Fortunately, many of these museums have amped up their social media presence with new programming that’s entirely virtual. From Instagram videos that go behind the scenes of a new exhibit in Buddhist art to stepping into Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, here are some options. INSIDER TIPNo passport, subway fare, parking money, or admission fee required. Just click on your device. It’s the next best thing to being there, but without the crowds.  

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