14 London Locations That Will Send Chills Up Your Spine

London is a magical city, but it also has more spooky places than you can shake a sage stick at.

Horror, tragedy, and mystery: London’s seen it all over the last 2,000 years. All of this activity has left an utterly eerie atmosphere in some corners of the city where strange goings-on are a part of everyday life. From the magnificent to the mundane, it’s difficult to find a public building or attraction that isn’t haunted. Even London’s open spaces reverberate with urban legends and the echoes of ghostly horsemen, plague victims, and past executions. Some places are so notorious that you’ll expect a tell-tale chill in the air, but sometimes you’ll chance upon a seemingly pleasant area and your spine will inexplicably tingle.

No Test Required: 11 Countries Americans Can Easily Travel to Right Now

While nowhere near the 180 countries U.S. passport holders could visit before the pandemic, there are currently 11 nations that want Americans to visit.

Technically speaking, there are more than three dozen countries that are open to Americans now, even in a pandemic. But the vast majority of those come with potential trip-cancellation measures, like 14-day quarantines or negative COVID tests within 48 hours of arrival, and, for most people, that’s all but impossible to gamble an international trip on. That said, there are several countries that are welcoming Americans now with few, if any, restrictions beyond random temperature checks and simple health declarations. That’s not to say you shouldn’t follow pandemic precautions when visiting the below, especially since the State Department advises against travel during quarantine. But if you’re willing to accept the risk, the easier entry makes the following countries a more viable option for itchy-footed Americans. We’ve got a rundown of each and why their open borders might be worth crossing right now—everything subject to change, of course.

Here’s What Vanlife Is REALLY Like

Although the idea of living and traveling in a van is nothing new, the lifestyle gained a boost in popularity this year as many people looked for travel options that are safe (hello social-distancing) and actually allowed ( bans).

The Most Haunted Lighthouses of the Great Lakes Region

The old lighthouses of the Great Lakes are believed to hold the unsettled spirits of those who kept them, and those who met tragic, untimely deaths.

The Great Lakes region was once a major hub for the shipping industry, with hundreds of ships traveling through their waters. Lighthouses were constructed in all five lakes to aid in the safe passage for the ships and their crews. But, at these often remote lighthouses, tragic, untimely deaths meant keepers and crew remained even after they died. These 11 lighthouses from Michigan to New York hold tales of unsettled spirits that can make any ghost hunter’s hair stand on end.

9 Unusual Airbnb Rentals Around New York State

These rentals are as odd as they are secluded.

You want to get out of the city, sure, but you don’t just want to go anywhere, right? Of course, you don’t–because you’re different. You’re just a little weird, right? You need a rental that stands above the rest in a super bonkers way. A private island? Perhaps. A goat farm? Absolutely. Something called a “milk barn”? Why not! If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that separates itself from the crowd in a big way then look no further than these 10 bizarre Airbnbs in New York State.